About Us

Treehouse for creative kids LLC (TCK) is a center for art education founded in 2009 and has been in operations since 2010. We at TCK believe that a training in the arts develops much-needed skills such as being creative, having a positive outlook, being independent, helping others, taking initiative, and being well-rounded and successful in life. TCK Programs include fine art, visual art, acting, musical theatre, voice and creative writing. With training in the arts, the students will enhance their cognitive thinking, creative abilities, social skills, and will build on their craft. TCK offers classes, after-school enrichment and camps to elementary and middle school aged students who are interested in expressing their creativity through arts. Other services include birthday parties, partnership with other organization. TCK is not a child day care center.

TCK staff consists of professional teachers and teaching artists who are passionate about their craft and enjoy working with students to help them grow and develop, and become more confident. TCK instructors and coaches provide age appropriate curriculum and use industry’s best practices to advance students’ skills from beginners to intermediate levels.

Our goal at TCK is to be a community for delivering well-balanced programs in the arts; we want our students to experience positive facets of life that fine arts and performing arts have to offer; Our programs and services will work with parents’ busy schedules and will maintain students' interest as they experience age appropriate activities and participate in musical theatre, creative writing, voice, acting and art classes; after-school enrichment, camps and workshops.