Fine Art and Theatre Camps 2017

TCK summer camp sessions are structured activities in art and acting. Campers are engaged with integration of new creative ideas, the content and activities of each camp week will be themed and different. Camps are designed by TCK professional experienced teaching artists for ages 6-13 (rising 1st to 8th graders). Camps are grouped by grade 1st-3rd and 4th-8th, with each group having their own designated studio. All supplies are included.
Scroll down for camp schedule, program description and important information.
Camp Hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 2:30pm.
Note: on Fridays campers will prepare for an Art Show or a Theatre Performance Show. See specific show dates/times listed below.

Fine Art Summer Camp Schedule

Session ID Dates 1st-3rd Grade Camp Themes 4th-8th Grade Camp Themes Show Date/Time Fee
1A 6/12-6/16 Disney magic Disney magic 6/16, 2pm $275
2A 6/19-6/23 Anime mania & cute creatures Pokemon & cute creatures 6/23, 2pm $275
3A 6/26–6/30 Tropical & rainforest art Tropical & rainforest art 6/30, 2pm $275
4A 7/5-7/7 7/5 two tone selfportriat
7/6 one point perspective
7/7 still-life
7/5 two tone selfportriat
7/6 one point perspective
7/7 still-life
N/A $75/Day
5A 7/10-7/14 Easy summer art Easy summer art 7/14, 2pm $275
6A 7/17–7/21 Hear me roar! Wildlife Hear me roar! Wildlife 7/21, 2pm $275
7A 7/24–7/28 Backyard art Backyard art 8/28, 2pm $275
8A 7/31–8/4 American art American art 8/4, 2pm $275
9A 8/7–8/11 Nautical art Nautical art 8/11, 2pm $275
10A 8/14–8/18 HogwARTs HogwARTs 8/18, 2pm $275

Theatre & Acting Summer Camp Schedule

Session ID Dates Camp Themes Grouping Show Date/Time Fee
1B 6/12-6/16 Short film 3rd - 8th grades Film Fest 3pm $275
2B 6/19-6/23 Musical Disney 1st - 3rd grade 6/23, 3pm $275
3B 6/26–6/30 Musical Cabaret 4th - 8th grade 6/30, 3pm $275
4B 7/3–7/7 -- -- -- --
5B 7/10-7/14 Improv and Comedy 4th-8th grade 7/14, 3pm $275
6B 7/17–7/21 Short Film 3rd - 8th grade 7/21, Film Fest 3pm $275
7B 7/24–7/28 Musical Cabaret 4th - 8th grade 7/28, 3pm $275
8B 7/31–8/4 Musical Showcase 1st - 3rd grade 8/4, 3pm $275
9B 8/7–8/11 Shake up Shakespeare 4th - 8th grade 8/11, 3pm $275
10B 8/14–8/18 Fractured fairytales 1st - 3rd grade 8/18, 3pm $275

A Camp Day at a Glance:
Morning care: 7:30-9am
Theatre or Art Lessons: 9am – Noon
Mid Morning Snack Break: 15 minutes
Lunch & social time: Noon to 1pm
Theatre or Art Lessons: 1-2:15pm
Campers get ready to go home: 2:15-2:30pm
Aftercare: 2:30-6pm
Acting Performance Show: Friday, 3-3:30pm
Art Show: Friday, 2-2:30pm

Art Camp Descriptions
Art projects vary from week to week to keep campers engaged. Each week, campers create several artwork pieces while receiving instructions from experienced artists and art teachers on fine art techniques. For each project, campers learn gesture drawing, contouring, painting and toning and much more. For inspiration campers are presented with sample reference images and popular artwork. They experience using artist quality media and supplies and having a great time using different types of mediums. The art projects for the younger group may vary in complexity and specificity.
American Art
Projects Include: Pop art self portraits * American folk art * Mary Blair’s “International Child” * Mosaic fruit tile * Keith Herring inspired art

Anime Mania & Cute Creatures & Pokemon
Projects include: Pokémon or anime close-up * Comic strip * ACEO art cards * Anime character drawing * Polymer Pokémon sculpture

Backyard Art
Projects include: Summer flowers * pet portrait * Iconic aboriginal frog * cute lighting bugs * Polymer sweets 3D

Disney Magic
Projects include: Disney characters/princesses silhouette * Alice in Wonderland tea cup stack * Disney magical sidekicks * Magic Memory * Magic wand 3D

Easy Summer Art
Projects include: beach-escape * jellyfish * summer flowers * Stain glass tree * turtle relief tile 3D

Hear me roar! Wild Life Art
Projects include: wild eyed * fauvist floral animals * scumbling rumbling animals * tree of life, 3D animal pots

Projects include: Harry Potter Hogwarts castle * Hedwig Owl * Patronus deer/otter/dog * Spell bookmark * Golden Snitch 3D

Nautical Art
Projects include: Art deco lighthouse * Anchor * Whale * nautical flag * Seashell relief

Tropical & Rain forest Art
Projects include: tropical bird * volcano landscape* art deco gecko * tropical foliage and botanical * totem pole 3D

Theatre Camps Description

Improv and Comedy at TCK
Anything can happen when campers dive in to the craft of improvisation! Campers will keep the creative juices flowing with fun and learning packed activities and games coached by professional teaching artists. Using their own ideas, campers improvise, practice and perform short skits. Campers wrap up the week with an original performance before an audience.

Acting - Shake up Shakespeare
Campers will make the most of their acting talents by tackling the Bard! Using Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, campers will learn how to create robust characters through vocal and physical exercises. They will play games that help them in connecting with an audience and they will be guided in understanding history’s most famous playwright. The week will culminate in a staged reading of one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies!

Short Film
Lights! Camera! Action! Besides appearing on camera as a film actor, campers learn about the behind the scenes aspects of film making! Campers help write the script, audition for roles, create props, and help with makeup and costumes for an original, age appropriate, short film. TCK campers and their families are invited to a movie premiere screening at the end of camp!

Musical Cabaret
Sing, Dance, and Act! These are the skills that campers will enhance to become the “triple threat” of musical theater! Under the direction of professional theater and vocal teachers, campers will prepare a “Musical Cabaret,” featuring solos, ensembles, and choreography. Throughout the week campers will receive coaching in acting, learning to connect with an audience, and dance technique that will point them to their highest potential, instill confidence and allow them to shine! Campers wrap up the week with an original performance before an audience.

Musical Disney
Love all that is Disney? Join us for Musical Disney week where campers will learn to sing and dance to popular Disney songs. Throughout this fun packed week, campers will strengthen their singing skills and techniques, and learn choreographed movement for an end of camp “Disney Revue” performance before audience.

Musical Showcase
From Matilda to Wicked campers will learn to sing and dance to popular numbers from famous kid Broadway musicals. Professional music teachers will coach campers in singing and dancing and participate in fun games and activities that culminate to a fun and entertaining musical performance.

Fractured fairy tales
Once upon a stage! Campers, with help of professional teachers, will put their own new spin on classic fairy tales to create something completely unique. Campers will experience the steps of putting on a short play – from acting, to making sets and costumes. Camp will culminate week with a presentation of their Fractured Fairytale before an audience.

Friday Events
Art Show - Each Friday during art camps at 2pm - 2:30pm, an art show exhibit of campers selection of artwork will be on display for viewing and enjoyment of parents, family and friends.
Acting Performance - Each Friday during acting camps, between 3-3:30pm, parents and family are invited to enjoy a performance put together by the young actors.

Aftercare Social and Structured Activities
TCK staff members want to ensure that every moment is as fun as the next. The aftercare programs are focused on recreational and relaxation activities. There are structured group games, arts and craft, social time with old and new friends. TCK library books and games are available to campers to conduct their own reading and games. Mid afternoon snack is provided and sometimes an age appropriate movie is played as we get closer to end of the day.

Camp Location
TCK Studio - 44190 Waxpool Road, Suite #157, Ashburn, VA (intersection of Wax Pool Rd & Red Rum Dr).

Important Information

  • Low student-teacher ratio 10:1 or better for art and 12 to 1 for acting camps
  • TCK lead instructors are professional teaching artists and experienced with students (K-12)
  • Multiple camp weeks Discount – 3rd week or more 10%
  • 10% Sibling discount for 2nd or more sibling same week, 5% different weeks
  • $25 summer camp registration fee one time per family is due at registration.
  • 20% nonrefundable deposit required to reserve camp space, which is counted toward the total amount.
  • You may make change camp or workshop week/session at no extra charge through May 1st. There will a charge of $15 for any change request afterward. Changes in camp or workshop sessions depend on availability at the time
  • Remaining camp fee is due 3 weeks prior to the camp start date
  • Campers to bring their lunch and snacks (must be peanuts and tree nuts free)
  • Store bought packaged snacks will be available for purchase at $1 per item
  • Before care (7:30am-9am) $40/week. After care available on Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu (2:30-6pm) $75/week. Both Before and After Care $90/Week
  • Completed Emergency contact form is required by the first day of the camp
  • Discounts and promotional offers can not be combined
  • With parents written permission campers may bring in their hand-held electronics at their own risk. TCK organization, staff, and management or other campers will not be responsible for any damage or loss of campers' personal property, electronics, phones, games or devices. TCK will permit campers to use their own electronics during after-care time

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